paperless trail

babySo it’s my birthday. Increasingly, this reminds me of that commercial, where a baby SHOOTS out of the womb, flies through the air, morphs into an adult, ages, then SLAMS into a grave. All in about 20 seconds.

My response? Leave a trail. And — since I recently discovered that the tools to create pages like this were already on my web host — that trail, for me, will be written.

It’s impossible not to feel a little ridiculous, publishing into outer space and not knowing if anyone’s listening, but I’m doing it anyway. ‘Cause seriously, I can feel the wind whistling in my ears as I hurtle along, somewhere between Waaah and RIP.

Besides, the view from up here is pretty cool, and I enjoy writing down what I see, along the way. Only now, they’ll be “published.” Like this photo, and this one, from my friend in Alaska.

Comments are encouraged; they’ll be like birthday presents!

Of course a VLOG! Worldwide audience, instant distribution, dead brilliant. Now start ‘spressin’ yourself!
And speakin’ of ‘spressin’, “Happy Fu#kin’ Birthday!”

In honor of your VLOG I am here by laying down the block rockin’ 411 by adopting the moniker Dj oel.

Happy Fuckin’ Birthday as well

I like, I like, I like. The work, the writing, the way your head works. I have to admit I am also vaguely jealous and/or inspired. What a great birthday idea. Not as good as a pug, maybe, but good. Write more.