le pug

pugWe went to a “pet rescue fair” this past Saturday. Picked out a little 1-year-old pug, short and stout, xlnt ‘tude. Signed up for the waiting list (these people are picky). You’ve seen pugs; this what their skull looks like:

I grew up across the street from a pug kennel. It’s true. They had a herd of them. After school, I could go over, and be lap-deep in snorting pug love. Ever since then, I’ve wanted one. Always had cats, tho.

Today happens to be my wife’s birthday. I hadn’t really gotten her anything special; she assured me that the pug would be her present, if we got it (she was the one pushing for a new dog; it’s “hers”). I got a nano for my birthday.

Well, the call came today. On my line, so I got to present the good news, receive the screams, the hugs, etc. Take credit for it, basically. Tonight, we had the house checked, and “okayed.” Whew.

We get him this Saturday. They called him “Butchie.” We are thinking of calling him “Bono.”

paperless trail

babySo it’s my birthday. Increasingly, this reminds me of that commercial, where a baby SHOOTS out of the womb, flies through the air, morphs into an adult, ages, then SLAMS into a grave. All in about 20 seconds.

My response? Leave a trail. And — since I recently discovered that the tools to create pages like this were already on my web host — that trail, for me, will be written.

It’s impossible not to feel a little ridiculous, publishing into outer space and not knowing if anyone’s listening, but I’m doing it anyway. ‘Cause seriously, I can feel the wind whistling in my ears as I hurtle along, somewhere between Waaah and RIP.

Besides, the view from up here is pretty cool, and I enjoy writing down what I see, along the way. Only now, they’ll be “published.” Like this photo, and this one, from my friend in Alaska.

Comments are encouraged; they’ll be like birthday presents!


I’ve got a short film in the works. A stellar cast, shoot dates inked for later this month. Everything should turn out perfect. Right?