recursive pug

Bacci BoyIt occured to me, reviewing the copious results of a search for pug info, that a User Group for Pugs would have quite a clever acronym built right in… Reminds me of what a geek friend of mine once explained as the origins of the name for [what I understand is] a flavor of Unix, called “GNU,” a name he described as “recursive” (if you think about it in geek terms): “Gnu’s Not Unix.”

The idea of a Pug User Group (PUG) actually makes a lot of sense, and if I were of the mind to manage such a thing, I’m sure I could leverage it into some sort of high effort/minimal returns-style operation, yet another Great Idea that sucks hours out of an already achingly short day. Lord knows, people love their damn pugs. We sure as hell do… That’s our boy Bacci, above. Grinning.