nice unit

Dennis HaysbertI recently had the pleasure of attending a repeat telecast party with the people behind The Unit, a new series on CBS. My wife is friends with the wife of the guy who wrote the book that inspired the series � your standard “6 degrees” kind of thing. Okay, 2 degrees. 3? Anyway, there I was, chatting with one of the founding members of Delta Force, along with the actors playing characters based on him, including Dennis Haysbert (he of the beautiful and memorable Far From Heaven. Everyone was very nice, even one presumably recognizable actor I idiotically asked “So, what do you do?”

The epitome of something was achieved when a tense scene featuring Haysbert set up a commercial break, and the first commercial featured Haysbert again, this time as spokesman for Allstate Insurance. Everybody teased him, like it was his fault that he had suddenly dominated the TV. He smiled his gentle giant smile and joked back in that inimitable baritone of his… I know, it’s silly. But don’t you love it when your favorite actors look and sound “just like they do”, in person? I do.