I’ve been writing, lately. A lot, just not here… I’m doing the third, and (for now) final draft/rewrite of my first presentable feature-length screenplay. I’ve completed many, over the years, several of which “work,” but this is the first one I’m going to shop. Aggressively. I’m very excited about it. I’ll direct this one, if they let me. “They” being whomever might want to invest in a proper production. Oh, and I want Jena Malone, for the lead, please… Thanks. I wrote it with her in mind. So if you know her, or her agent, have ’em gimme a shout � she’s got first refusal.

jenaJena’s been busy lately, three pix currently in production. In one, she plays a character named “Grace” � which just so happens to be the central theme of my story (and would be the title, if it hadn’t already been so overused). It’s an ensemble piece that follows several characters in varying orbits around a spoiled, oversexed young woman with a self-destructive streak. When a foolish good deed backfires horribly, she is forced to deal with the dark secret driving her behavior. Surprisingly (for her), the relationships she’s formed (mostly thru casual sex) turn out to be anything but casual, and along with her estranged mom, provide the keys to her awakening, and ultimately, her survival. It’s, um, not exactly a comedy… Tho there are funny bits. And sexy bits (could be shot PG, R, or NC17), violent bits, tense bits and sweet/tender bits. So come on, Jena… Don’t make me come over there.