ImusIt’s easy to be a trash-talking asshole when you’re hiding. Just check out the comments section of any provocative news site or blog with a sizable audience. And tho jocks don’t have the anonymity of the web, they do have the bubble of in-studio cohorts egging them on, plus a (real or imagined) sycophantic fan base hanging on every word… “Out there.”

Death ProofPersonally, I like seeing this kind of pop-stupidity getting the smackdown it deserves. It’s like when the schoolyard bully runs into the dweeb’s big brother and wets his pants. Or when Stuntman Mike gets his comeuppance in Death Proof.

And n*gga please, don’t be tellin’ me that just ’cause black people (rappers, etc.) use “the N word” it’s okay for white people to use it… It’s not, and everyone knows it. That’s just stupid.