real life

fireflySomething odd happened, while we were in Charlottesville. Besides seeing a firefly, in person, for the first time. They look and act amazingly like embers, flickering upward. Who knew?

No, something else entirely happened, while walking across a parking lot after a nice dinner. All of a sudden, a car tore backwards out of a parking space, glanced off the corner of a building, then slammed into another parked car. Parked on an incline, that car immediately hit another, then that one another (and that was the last domino). The first vehicle’s engine was racing, accelerating all the way.

SeizureMy immediate thought was, “wow, now that’s panicking!” Others assumed drink was involved. But it was something else entirely. The perp turned out to be a pretty gal in her 20s. We approached, and I saw her through the glass, back arched, head thrown back and to one side, wrists twisted, fingers curling. The poor girl was apparently having a seizure.

There wasn’t much to do… Windows were up, door locked. After a minute or so, the girl managed to straighten up, stare straight ahead. One friend with us was an ex-cop, and he assured us that there’s really nothing to do for someone having a seizure, despite the oft-repeated advice to try to save tongue from teeth. Good way to lose a finger, it turns out. Nope, just call a doc, and stand by. Others were doing just that, so we moved along.