SupermanOkay, let me get this straight: Superman’s been gone for 5 years, before which he and Lois Lane met, fell in love, and ultimately {spoiler, I suppose} conceived a child {/spoiler}. Okay. Never mind the technical difficulties, there’s another problem. Portraying a rather wooden Lois is Kate Bosworth, looking (and acting) every minute of her actual 23 years of age. Let’s see, 23… That makes Lois 17 when all this went down. Ya don’t say. Oh, and immediately after that, she nabbed a Pulitzer. Am I missing anything?

I guess that’s “screwing skewing young.” Good God, people. X-Men, and now Superman… Two “franchise” tentpoles that wound up made for children. Not “children of all ages,” mind you, children. Like, 0 – 10. Eleven, maybe, and that’s pushing it.

Yeah. Paper-thin “drama” stretched even thinner between action sequences that amuse as often as they amaze. Yes, you can make it look “real.” Now somebody, somewhere needs to demand: Can you please make it compelling? Occurring in some discernable context? Having to do with SOMETHING other than “we had the budget” or “wow! lookit that!”