Denise RichardsAnyone who has a dog should (by now) know about Cesar Millan. The Dog Whisperer is a miracle to behold: vicious dogs bow their heads, yappers shut the f*ck up, leash yankers mellow out and follow lead. It’s astonishing.

Our pug, Bacci, is incredibly cute and unbelievably happy to see us whenever we return from any outing. He flips out, literally, and we’ve been happily reciprocating. In a recent episode, Cesar pointed out to Denise Richards (above), who also has a pug, that responding in kind to her cute little pup’s enthusiastic greeting is a signal that Denise is being submissive, not dominant. I most certainly don’t have a problem with this, but apparently it’s not what her dogs need. She changed, and it worked. We have since tried this ourselves, and Bacci seems that much more willing to follow our lead. As for Denise, well, I’ll just be over here imagining her as her old, submissive self. Yes, those were the days.