LovelyLovely, isn’t she? Damn…

What’s that? What does she have to do with the fact that we finally saw Transamerica the other night (great fun, btw)? Click the photo, my friend. No, it’s not pornographic, but it does spell things out. Literally.

short fiction attack

GoopSome guys are doing an anthology of short stories riffing on the situation at some airports, namely the accumulation of goo from all those now-illegal liquids. Apparently, they’re throwing them all into the same container. And that’s just plain inspiring…

Anyway, I wrote a piece, they liked it, and it’s up at the site now. Enjoy, then write something!


Star69My short film star69 was accepted into the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, and given a nice screening time: 8PM on Saturday, September 9 (theater 9, program #59). It’s at the Arclight. Tickets will be $10, available at arclightcinemas.com. If you’re reading this, that means you have to come.

real life

fireflySomething odd happened, while we were in Charlottesville. Besides seeing a firefly, in person, for the first time. They look and act amazingly like embers, flickering upward. Who knew?

No, something else entirely happened, while walking across a parking lot after a nice dinner. All of a sudden, a car tore backwards out of a parking space, glanced off the corner of a building, then slammed into another parked car. Parked on an incline, that car immediately hit another, then that one another (and that was the last domino). The first vehicle’s engine was racing, accelerating all the way.

SeizureMy immediate thought was, “wow, now that’s panicking!” Others assumed drink was involved. But it was something else entirely. The perp turned out to be a pretty gal in her 20s. We approached, and I saw her through the glass, back arched, head thrown back and to one side, wrists twisted, fingers curling. The poor girl was apparently having a seizure.

There wasn’t much to do… Windows were up, door locked. After a minute or so, the girl managed to straighten up, stare straight ahead. One friend with us was an ex-cop, and he assured us that there’s really nothing to do for someone having a seizure, despite the oft-repeated advice to try to save tongue from teeth. Good way to lose a finger, it turns out. Nope, just call a doc, and stand by. Others were doing just that, so we moved along.

oh, boy

Lesson: Knock it off with the blow, already.

Harsh Lesson: Consider yourself lucky you got sentenced to community service, which in this case will be picking up trash in New York. In August.

Brutal Lesson: Don’t get arrested, mostly because it means you’ll be photographed when you’re not good and ready for it.


effin’ dubya

BushNo vetoes, not a one, through years and years (5.5) of what I am assuming were plenty of opportunities to stop hemorrhaging the surplus he inherited into the deficit we now enjoy. Now, to save already stored and frozen bundles of cells (or, as he might have it, “children”), The Decider has finally decided to say no.

EmbryoWay to take a stand. And just when I was starting to (kind of) like you, having watched/listened to the “shit” comment to Blair. As Jon Stewart pointed out, repeatedly: At least you were on topic. And the impromptu shoulder massage to the German chancellor… Priceless! Now this, a ham-fisted “play to the base” and another knock to Evil Science. Well, I don’t approve, and I’m pretty sure God isn’t too impressed, either. Then again, I’m not the one with a hotline, so who knows.

shrill c*nt, cont.

CoulterBed-head Annie says: “…if the Democrats were running things, our cities would be ash heaps and the state of Israel would have been wiped off the map by now.” Huh. Wasn’t it during dubya’s vacation tenure that we endured 9/11?

Anyway, I just love the tough talk coming from all the “what, me serve!?” chicken hawks on the right… Caught O’Reilly, the other night, giving General Wesley Clark heck (you know, that wimp Democrat who oversaw our intervention in the Balkan conflict? Bombed Milosevic into an early retirement? That guy). Bill was typically full of bluster and tough talk, but sadly, couldn’t get Clark to argue with him.

O'reillyYeah. Unfortunately, they were pretty much on the same page, regarding the current disaster in the Middle East (Israel/Lebanon, not Iraq). Kinda surreal, actually. When it came time for O’Reilly to wrap up, with his usual “I’ll give you the last word,” he actually did! Bill never does that! Made him all fussy, I bet.

3 burials of del grande combo

MeninBlackOkay, so we (my wife and I) both love Tommy Lee Jones. Sure, he’s that same guy, no matter where you put him, but if you happen to like that guy, well, Tommy’s your man. So we Netflix’d The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Catchy title, and all. I won’t go into what I thought of it (yet)… I’d rather focus on what became the most entertaining part of the film, for me: Referring to it, in conversation.

Of course, neither of us (nor anyone, anywhere, I’d venture) could actually remember the “Melquiades Estrada” part. Instead, each time we referred to it, we’d insert a generic “Mexican” name. Of food. Example: “Wanna see Three Burials of

marla fowler, poet

SpamI’ve received lots of spam, over the years. Most, of late, preemtively taken aside and beaten about the head by increasingly astute (and brutal) email filters. The few that make it through are usually the ones that cleverly disguise themselves as actual email, avoiding key words (i.e., “erection”) and other tip-offs ($, !!!, etc.).

To this end, spammers are getting quite creative. Too creative, it would seem, such that the email is rendered utterly useless, as far as being a marketing or sales tool. Like this one, just received, having survived the gauntlet of filters to present itself to me, in all its poetic simplicity (line breaks, elipses, and [] mine):

From: Marla Fowler
Subject: WN
Date: July 11, 2006 1:01:58 PM PDT

[O] voice, which promised
unheard-of marvelous places
and times,
and Kirill… nearest hill…
a hundred steps from the rocks

isn’t it exciting

Advert…How advertising continues to “push the boundaries” of questionable taste? They’re so edgy! Pictured here is a super-clever piece of porno I found (via boing-boing)… Pitching, I believe, toothpaste to pedophiles. Ha-ha! Heh. Hm. {Cough}

Apparently running, right now, in various Brit Cosmo-style ladies’ magazines. So hey, ladies… Watch for clever one-upping, USA-style, coming to your fave rag du jour soon! Yeah… Good times (click pic for full “ad”). Oh, Abercrombie & Fitch, how prescient and tasteful you were!