little miss ho

Hampton“Cute and fun and sweet” is what Hampton Carney (smiling, left), spokesman for Abercrombie & Fitch, says about the thong undies sold at its Abercrombie stores (for sexy little shoppers, 7 to 14 years old). Thong panties, sized for ten-year-old (and younger) girls. With the words “eye candy” and “wink wink” printed on them, in playful colors. Eye candy.

ThongThat Abercrombie & Fitch… So edgy! So now! So incredibly f*cked up they make a strong argument for increased government regulation of retail practices. What would Saddam do?

be afraid?

HuntingApparently there’s a really famous hunter, a hunter’s hunter, a gunman’s gunman, who writes about this stuff, and who recently made the career-ending mistake of calling assault rifles “terrorist guns.”

And when I say career ending, I mean he’s over, apparently losing endorsements, syndications, the whole lot. An NRA lynching. Because they know. Oh, they know. It’s this kind of all-or-nothing idiocracy that makes the NRA so lovable. I mean, they’re called ASSAULT RIFLES… Pretty safe to say, people who use them to “hunt” are either terrible shots or doing something other than food-gathering. Really, it’s okay to give an inch, people. And no, we’re not gonna pry anything from your cold, dead hands. Enjoy.

creative commons

WarmA short story I wrote is going to be published soon as part of an anthology. I came across the project on Boing Boing, where writers were asked to submit pieces based a simple idea: The liquids being collected from boarding passengers are apparently (at some airports) being dumped into single, large barrels or tanks for disposal. What strange sort of chemistry might result? And what on earth might come about from such a concoction?

Have a read, if you’re so inclined. In fact, do what you like with it… The collection is being published under the Creative Commons license, essentially an open-source alternative for creative works. Yay, open source! BTW, the image above captures the tone of the story perfectly. I don’t know where it came from, but I love it.

no movie…

Babel…Should ever


DevoGood God, y’all. Now we have chimps using weapons. What next? Chimps starting religions?

I think Mr. Mothersbaugh said it best:

The tell us that / we lost our tails
evolving up / from little snails.
I say it’s all / just wind in sails.
Are we not men?

The bad news: These farking dickwad ‘Panzees are using their tools “to jab at smaller primates.” Christ.


ChesneyOne of the more amusing things I’ve encountered is guys like this who style themselves as Gay Icons, and then are shocked when everyone comes to the logical conclusion.

I remember taking my wife to a birthday party down south, behind the Orange Curtain. It was for my old bass player from way back when, and some guys from that time were there, including one wearing, I kid you not, black leather chaps, vest, and captain-style hat. It wasn’t a Village People costume; he’d ridden down (from Vegas, I believe) on his bike, and this is just what he wore. It was all my wife could do to contain her laughter whenever she saw him. Looking back, I have to believe there was something tongue-in-cheek about the getup. We didn’t say anything, though. You never know.

silver lining

PotOh, if only this incredible debt the US is accumulating could somehow motivate the government to do something smart.

How about we repeal Prohibition 2.0? Think of the revenue if this stuff were regulated and taxed. There does appear to be a gathering consensus (about frickin’ time) that declaring “war” on something as innocuous as pot is economic folly, not to mention a great way to create an entire generation of “criminals” (786,545 in ’05).

natural selection

The leading paragraph of a story that caught my eye today:

Unintentional fatal drug overdoses in the United States nearly doubled from 1999 to 2004, overtaking falls to become the nation’s second-leading cause of accidental death, behind automobile crashes, the government reported.

Anyone stupid enough to take something that in it’s advertisements warns of intestinal bleeding, headaches, loss of appetite, painful urination, etc., etc., etc., is really just putting on a “pick me!” teeshirt during herd thinning season (year ’round, btw). And for what… Inability to get their “full eight hours?” To stop that “restless leg??” News flash: Can’t sleep? Get up and do something, for Chrissakes. Got the urge to move your legs? GET SOME F%CKING EXERCISE. Or just do like I do: bounce your knees, like a spaz.

As for the illegal drugs, well, that’s just painting a giant bull’s eye on your head. Anyone taking anything without any idea of where it came from, who made it, what’s really in it, etc. is playing Russian roulette anyway. MAO!!

vibrator icon

VibratorIf you like words, the Internet Anagram Server is awesome. Type in anything � like, say, your name � and out comes a ridiculously long list of possible reshufflings. Brilliant.

he lost twice…

Bush…But he’s still in charge. This tip of the iceberg conviction might not change anything, but things like this (not to mention things like THIS) go a long way in de-legitimizing the Bush Years. As if the shameful squandering of worldwide good will wasn’t enough. Begone, already.