“Favorites” may come and go, even shift like the wind. But they’re fun to compile, make you think things through, and can sometimes reveal a lot. So, a work in progress, as time allows (and winds shift):

last update: 2005-12-09

MOVIES: All (across the board)

  • Blade Runner
    A perennial classic. Layered, visionary, a masterful work of art that remains unsurpassed, certainly in SciFi, but also as pure, mindbending � and heartbreaking � storytelling at its best.
  • Mulholland Drive
    A modern masterpiece. The culmination of Lynch’s bittersweet fixation on love that hurts, and the most seamless of dreamscapes this amazing filmmaker has woven, to date.
  • Magnolia
    PTA’s most involving, personal, and magical work. An intricate weave that holds water, and the most ballsy use of music ever, or since. Incidentally, Tom Cruise’s best performance.
  • Lost In Translation
    Aims for so subtle and nebulous a target, I didn’t even know it existed until Sophia hit a perfect bullseye. A masterpiece of moving, lovely understatement, and the role Bill Murray lived his whole life to play.
  • Pulp Fiction
    Genre-busting, madcap brilliance. Infinitely watchable, from any point, to finish.
  • American Beauty
    Idiosyncratic yet universal; topical yet timeless; terrifying and beautiful. Bravo.
  • Casino
    Easily Scorsese’s best. Brilliant and brutal, poetic and jolting. Plus, Devo’s “Satisfaction” cover blaring away during a shoot-em-up sequence always kills me.
  • Broadcast News
    Tells a very big story in a very small, personal, and heartfelt way. A (so far) timeless treat, and another reminder that Holly Hunter is just awesome.
  • Raising Arizona
    It was either this or Fargo, but Arizona edges out for pure laughs-per-minute. Smart, hysterical, lovely.
  • Heavenly Creatures
    Perfection. Hard to believe this gem was created by the man responsible for the gargantua that is LOTR and now Kong.
  • Three Kings
    Grit, transformation and redemption in a “modern,” politicized war. Cool look and feel that actually serves a great story, well told.

  • The Hunger
    For telling the overtold Vampire tale with new, sexy, and achingly romantic energy. Plus David Bowie, in his best bigscreen appearance.
  • Fearless
    Timeless fable of love, loss, and the terror of admitting we need other people to be complete. Masterful storytelling, plus Isabella Rosselini’s not too hard on the eyes.

MOVIES: Action (’cause different standards apply)

  • Collateral + Heat
    Weak finishes are forgivable in these classic tales of bad vs/= good. And Michael Mann sure as hell knows how to stage his gunplay!
  • Ronin
    DeNiro, again, wins as ex(?) CIA man on a mercenary mission with a cool ensemble.
  • Training Day
    One day, a lifetime of hurt, and the performance that earned Denzel his (well-deserved) Oscar.
  • The Matrix
    So influential that by the time the sequels came out, they felt dated, besides sucking so bad they almost spoiled the memory of this groundbreaking jewel.

More later, as time allows…

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