ending terrorism

Here is simple way for every single one of us to win, definitively, any war against terrorism.


First: Understand our relative objectives. That’s the only way to gauge who is winning what.

“Terrorists” are, by definition, in the business of creating terror. Their objectives are reached when a state of calm has been replaced by fear and anxiety. That is the total, net objective (not annihilation): Terror (ism).

Second: Accept that our duty, as patriotic Americans, is to ensure that terrorists do not succeed.

What we want, as Americans (after all is said and done), is mostly to be left alone; to go about our business � be it philanthropic, greedy, nurturing, criminal, or couch-bound � unimpeded.

Thwarting terrorists is accomplished when terror is eliminated from our range of responses. Grief, caution, “taking the battle to them,” security measures… Whatever else you do is your business; keep it to yourself, mostly. And don’t get all hysterical about it. Or deadly serious, for that matter. We’re all dying, folks, at some point. That’s the way it works, down here.

So lighten up. Develop an absurd level of blythe, irrational confidence and/or lack of concern for your own personal safety. Drink, or get high, if this helps. Read this. Realize that being overly-concerned with the well-being of others is co-dependence, and does not make you a better person.

Therefore you, as an American, must (whether you like it or not):

Be unafraid. Be very, very, unafraid.

It’s your patriotic duty. God damn it.

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