my phone is cooler than yours

Okay, probably not. But it’s pretty nifty, and I got it for free (this is the follow up to the post on that adventure). Anyway, wow. I can take pictures, then email them… And I don’t even have the overpriced “VCast” service (which I’m reminded of, with an annoying little movie that plays every time I power on the phone). Verizon has it set up so you can do one-off emails for a dime (or quarter, for attached pix or sounds) a pop. Sweet.

The camera doesn’t have flash, but then it’d be a “camera,” and not a phone, wouldn’t it. The voice recognition is pretty amazing; I’ve almost never actually dialed. I make most calls while at the wheel (yes, I know), and simply say “Call Terry.” It then asks which number, mobile or home, and I say “mobile.” It dials, and we talk. Jesus. It syncs up with my Address Book (OS X) via cable or Bluetooth, and now I read that it can become a speaking-voice GPS navigation system (likely for another outlandish fee