what a shrill, bitter c*nt

Damn, I’d never really checked her out before (other than briefly, guest-punditing as the Conservative Hotness on news programs). But while linking to her website, I stopped and read a little. Wow. So you can make a career out of shrieking insults across an imaginary cultural divide… Reading Anne’s rants, one pictures a pitched battle between Thinking People (conservatives) and rabid, mindless, bloodthirsty LIBERALS who believe in nothing, stand for nothing, know nothing, and are worth even less.

I wonder if Anne is getting laid. I mean, really laid. Doubtful. That seems to be the catch, with her team… I mean, “Sexy” doesn’t really jibe with “Conservative,” does it? Be honest. But from the looks of things, Anne’s desperately certainly trying. Check the touselled, bed-hair photo she uses on her home page (above). Jesus, back it off a notch, Coulter! We got it, you’re “hot.” You “don’t care” what we think of you. But mostly, you stand by your words, no matter how dubious.