we have republican friends!

Winding up our idyllic stay in Charlottesville, a dinner that began as a “Southern” barbeque (Krispy Kreme bread pudding for dessert — I’m not kidding) ended up a quasi-heated political discussion. Our hosts, it seems, are Republicans. Vocal Republicans. Discussion ranged from Global Warming (nonexistent!) to Gay Marriage (okay, a ploy catering to the Religious Right).

The great thing was, no matter how frenzied conversation got, we managed to remain quite civil and light-hearted about it… The Very Gay couple from Miami, the Liberal-tarian couple from LA (us), and the Very Republican couple (Anne Coulter‘s book featured prominently on the shelf, next to Bill O’Reilly, et al). All sincerely exploring each others beliefs and opinions, and amazingly, still sincerely looking forward to seeing each other again, returning the favor with extended stays in Florida and California. It’s all very Adult, and reminds me why the US is ultimately in pretty damn good shape.