RAZR GirlRecently, I finally got around to consolidating my wife’s cell phone account with mine. We’re saving a buttload, now, plus my wife finally has a phone that will hold a charge, and work (plus take pictures, and God knows what else). Everything was fine, until I tried to use my phone the other day. “Not Authenticated.” Okay, fine.

I called, tried to take care of it. Long story short, the salesman at the Verizon store messed up, upgraded my service to reflect my having also purchased a newfangled phone, which I did not. Now — the nice man at Verizon Wireless informed me — my current phone cannot be activated! I told him I understood, but that this was not a concern of mine, it was their error, and I wanted a solution. Now, please. Squeaky wheel wants grease!

That’s when things got surreal… He said he could send me a new phone. Fine, I said (feigning disinterest), as long as it does what mine does (an older model, zero bells or whistles except the ability to use iSync � critical, if you’re me). I went to the Apple site and rattled off a few compatible models. No dice. With a knowing chuckle, he asked if the RAZR (a phone so slim, and so cool, the model in the picture will have sex with anyone who owns one � that’s my understanding) qualified. Yes, I told him, it did. Great, he said. He’ll overnight one to me.

So here I sit. In giddy anticipation of my newfangled RAZR, with camera, 30MB memory, Bluetooth, and many other features I’m sure I’ve never even heard of. Verizon, needless to say, has won a fan. Coming up next, a real-world tech review of the widget itself!

[…] Okay, probably not. But it’s pretty nifty, and I got it for free (in fact, this is the follow up to that post). Anyway, I can take pictures, then email them, and I don’t even have the overpriced “VCast” service (which I’m reminded of, with an annoying little movie that plays every time I power on the phone). Verizon has it set up so you can do one-off emails for a dime (or quarter, for attached pix or sounds) a pop. Sweet. […]