pepperA few years ago, I made my first short film. It involved a stripper, so or course I had to do research. Now, as anyone who has been to a strip club can tell you, most of these girls can’t dance. Taking off their clothes is the point, really, so who cares.

But one night at Jumbo’s (former workplace of Courtney Love), I met a dancer who was amazing. I mean, seriously, an amazing dancer. I asked her if she’d dance in my little movie, and she said sure. She did, and she was (of course) amazing. Later, I helped her out by videotaping a concert she’d choreographed for the teenaged Catholic schoolgirls she taught. I’m not kidding. Just wanted to help.

katemossRecently, I wondered what she was up to (I’d gotten a couple of emails in ’05, various performances I didn’t make it to), so I Googled her. Well, turns out I’m not the only one she impressed… Apparently, she was flown to New York to coach Kate Moss for a White Stripes video (directed by Sophia Coppola), to give Kate half a chance at looking cool/sexy as a pole dancer. Amazing dancer, and amazing teacher that she is, she made Kate look like a million bucks.