Back when I first played in a band, everybody called me “Vic.” I never really noticed, until my wife pointed out how funny it sounds to her, when I see old pals. Anyway, now it looks like Vic is going to make an appearance.

My old pal John wrote to tell me that our friend Jon (the other guitarist/songwriter in our band, back then) is playing a show next week and said he’ll bring an extra acoustic for me if I wanna come down and join. John (drums) is making a vacation of it, bringing a light percussion rig, spending a few days away from his home town (Anchorage, with endless night — or is it day? — and now, a volcano). I gulped, then asked if I could maybe bring an electric and play quietly? See, my fingers are kinda tender, ’cause, well, I’m not actually playing a lot these days… Cool, whatever, Jon says. Puss.

guitarNow I hear Craig (bass) and Billy (vocals) are coming, as well. So all of a sudden, it’s a reunion of my first band. And here I am, the only one that’s been letting his fingers go soft. See, these guys have ALL been playing regularly, either touring the world (Jon, one tour with John) or jammin’ regularly around town (Craig, Billy). So I’m practicing. Plus, I used it as an excuse to buy that nifty little Fender acoustic/electric in the pic. That way, hopefully, no one will expect much in the way of rippin’ solos. Or maybe if I drink enough, “Vic” can take a break, and “Louie” can make an appearance. You don’t want to hear about Louie.