bad son

elvisYesterday was my mom’s birthday. I completely spaced out on it, until it was too late to call. Augh. There’s a specific time to catch her on the phone these days. Her living arrangement is “assisted,” basically a decent hotel with medical staff. She’s away from her room, hanging out with others most of the day, then goes to bed early. That’s when to call; after she’s in, but before bed. About a thirty-minute window.

bowieShe’s been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. I consider us fortunate, after hearing a close friend’s horror stories about his dad. Our mom is still basically upbeat, still remembers us, and is in great physical shape, for 83 (84?). Just, she’ll ask the same question over and over, make outlandish pronouncements now and then, that sort of thing. But she still has her easy laugh. I’ll call later today, at the appropriate time — I promise. Plan our weekend visit. You’d think I’d remember the date… I noted, long ago, that her birthday is on the same as David Bowie’s, and Elvis Presley’s… I always found this somehow significant, and very cool; she always found it amusing.