oh, happy new year

insomniaDecember did not go well for me. My cat asploded his knee, needed surgery. He was fine, then he chewed his stitiches off. The vet said he had to wear The Collar. My cat is such a cool, well-behaved little guy, I couldn’t imagine doing this. I tried, and he promptly careened into the wall. Then fell over. Enough. I would not put him through this; I would, instead, sleep on the sofa with him, and keep an eye on him, 24/7, until the crisis passed. No, really. I did.

Good God. I mean, it worked, I suppose… Caught him, a few times, starting to lick, and stopped him. After a few chilly, mostly sleepless nights, I returned to bed. But by then, I’d developed a bad cough. No cold, no fever, just a relentless hack that kept me from sleeping, kicked up a weird sciatica pain thing, and has generally made my life miserable… {cough, cough}. But I’m getting better. Sleeping, at least, lately. BTW, my cat promptly bit off the last two stitches his first night alone. I guess he knows best, ’cause at his two-week follow-up, the doctor’s description for his healing was “remarkable.” Here, here. Let’s wish the same for me, shall we?