six million dollar kitty

bu xrayI’m already worried about my cat (Bu) feeling marginalized by the arrival of Bacci, our new (and excruciatingly adorable) pug. This past Saturday, Bu was suddenly staggering, wobbly, clearly having trouble walking. I freaked out.

Bu is very interactive, for a cat — loads of personality. My special little guy. And he was clearly in trouble. Two visits to the emergency room proved futile; larger, more pressing emergencies trumped Bu’s mere limp. Finally, this morning, the Vet confirmed Bu’s left rear knee as the trouble spot. X-rays (made available, incredibly, online � that’s actually one of them, above) revealed nothing odd, but later, the orthopedic surgeon gave Bu a closer look. His verdict: A torn ligament. Requiring surgery. For almost exactly the price of that digital projector/screen setup I was planning on getting us for Xmas. Oh well. He’s worth it. And not nearly as chubby as the xray makes him look. Plus, afterward, it is my understanding that Bu will have super powers. I’ll keep you posted.