i saw her first

naomi wattsI can’t help but feel a little possessive about Naomi Watts, as if I found her before everyone else did. Which is ridiculous, since everyone acknowledged her amazing, breakthrough performance in Mulholland Drive. Since then, all the smart money has been betting on her, and winning big.

Now she’s been called on to carry Kong, potentially the biggest blockbuster of all time. And of course, carry it she does… I saw it today, and I can’t think of another actress who could deliver what she did. Especially when you remember that she’s (mostly) performing opposite nothing (CG behemoth added in post). Okay: America’s Best Living Actress. There, I said it.

hi, i can’t claim i found her first, but the fact is i’ve been her admirer since october 1997 after viewing an episode of the short-lived tv series “the sleep-walkers” here in toronto, canada. i’ve now seen all her work with the exception of just 2 or 3 and have been following her career very closely since seeing her in the above tv show.

Yep. She rocks. Accidentally saw her in Tank Girl, not too long ago, apparently playing “The Smart One” (brunette/glasses). {sigh}

yes she was jet girl in “tank girl” and though supporting, she actually stole the screen from beginning to end – one of her most unforgettable screen characters.

yes she played jet-girl and though supporting, stole the screen from beginning to end. it’s one of her most unforgettable screen characters.

I’m gonna have to hunt it down and actually watch it, then… Laurie Pettie (sp?) is a friend of a friend, met her/didn’t like her, so I had a hard time watching (that, and I came in somewhere near the middle). It’s a cult classic, apparently, so now that I know our girl is featured, I think I can watch it! Thanks