effin’ dubya

BushNo vetoes, not a one, through years and years (5.5) of what I am assuming were plenty of opportunities to stop hemorrhaging the surplus he inherited into the deficit we now enjoy. Now, to save already stored and frozen bundles of cells (or, as he might have it, “children”), The Decider has finally decided to say no.

EmbryoWay to take a stand. And just when I was starting to (kind of) like you, having watched/listened to the “shit” comment to Blair. As Jon Stewart pointed out, repeatedly: At least you were on topic. And the impromptu shoulder massage to the German chancellor… Priceless! Now this, a ham-fisted “play to the base” and another knock to Evil Science. Well, I don’t approve, and I’m pretty sure God isn’t too impressed, either. Then again, I’m not the one with a hotline, so who knows.